Drawing inspiration from bygone eras when men dressed like men and wore clothes as tough as themselves; Knucklehead Shipping Co is future-vintage fashion for today’s dapper gent. Knucklehead Shipping Co clothing is understated yet undisputed; inspired by the classics but looking to the future; Knucklehead Shipping Co tailor garments of the highest quality for men of the highest order. From head to toe, a Knucklehead man is a man who means business.

Prodigal sons of the music industry; the Knucklehead team are musicians, managers and designers drawn together by a desire to see men’s fashion return to its former glory. To a level of excellence fit for a Bond villain – where every first impression needs to be a lasting impression – and every design, cut, cloth and thread is something to behold. Simple things, done well, making all the difference. Knucklehead Shipping Co clothing - menswear and accessories.

At last... they make ’em like they used to.


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